Info about Christopher Fountain Sanctioned for Fraud While an Attorney

As everyone knows, child bully and all around scum bag Christopher Fountain was once an attorney. He statements to have left the career for greener pastures in the real estate business (which we can easily assure you is not "greener pasture" when you have a clue your work as a lawyer). Not that we needed any proof, but just a little birdie sent us some interesting documents from last Fountain's esquire days. Seems the drunk loser forged signatures and submitted them in the courtroom. No surprise, he then files a very entertaining and childishly spoiled appeal on the grounds that he mustn't be held responsible or punished for his fraudulent actions as he was blackout drunk.

This act earned him a three month suspension from practicing law. It seems after reading, he should have received much more punishment. Fountain's excuse was that because (months after his forgery) he attended rehab, all his bad acts needs to be forgotten and forgiven. He further claims that he was so incredibly drunk that he was completely blacked out and it has no recollection in the forgery. Unfortunately for crybaby Chris Fountain, that's definitely not how life works. The Statewide Grievance Committee writes a reasonably entertaining and honest rebuttal to Fountains cries.

The defendant, Christopher C. Fountain, appeals from the trial court's judgment suspending his license to practice law for three months. The defendant claims that the imposition of the sanction was improper because (1) the suspension constituted punishment and (2) the length in the suspension amounted to a abuse of discretion. We affirm the judgment with the trial court.

The following info is relevant on the resolution of this appeal. The defendant is often a practicing attorney who had previously been admitted on the bar on this state in 1983. In 1993, while representing a client in an arbitration proceeding ahead of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc., the defendant forged the signature associated with an affiant and after that notarized the affidavit. Thereafter, he forwarded the affidavit on the opposing counsel in the arbitration proceeding. At the time on this misconduct, the defendant was influenced by alcohol. 

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